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phantom_owl's Journal
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Thursday, October 18th, 2007
10:20 pm
time flies...
Exactly one year, two days, and negative 39 mintues to the day...whooo hoo for willpower!
Let's see...fell in love with a girl, adopted a pig, a bunny, a snick, and three other dudes...
been rocking the world, one dive at a time. Dodged a lot of mind bullets and live to tell the tale.
Here is a picture of my godfather I took over the weekend. Heartz < TM

((David Yow / Qui))

((T , Paul Christiansen / Qui))

"You better come home quickly/ And you better hide very soon/ For the bunyip's going to get you/ In the bunyip"
Monday, October 16th, 2006
11:00 pm
it came from beyond...
hahaha! an accidental journal! well...melty had it up and...here goes...
If you're in Richmond, come out and get "wasted". music rules. and uhh, drinksssss!~!!!

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
7:03 pm
this is how...

the dudes party down!
Wednesday, March 15th, 2006
4:52 pm
oh yeah...I signed a record "contract" last week.
That was weird. 14% never felt so...right?
4:45 pm
once again, how do you fit an ocean into a madonna thermos?
I be like sick today. A golden sensation that comes maybe once
a year. It's nice. Chills, no "work", snot, dwarf come in the throat,
it's cool alright. I almost forgot what it's like. IT is a champpeen
excuse to hook up with some "shower soothers" and I'm not talking
about some thai diner side project. The shit is on the way, yo.
be like melty and stuff.

Current Mood: like near hell
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
8:36 pm
Friday, November 18th, 2005
5:33 pm
Birthdays occurring on November, 18
1906 George Wald was born on November 18, 1906

A physicist is an atom's way of knowing about atoms.

1908 Imogene Coca was born on November 18, 1908

The trouble with most comedians who try to do satire is that they are essentially brash, noisy and indelicate people who have to use a sledge hammer to smash a butterfly.

1909 Johnny Mercer was born on November 18, 1909
American vocalist, lyricist and composer who contributed to many Broadway musical productions and Hollywood films. 1909-1976
Once upon a time the world was sweeter than we knew. Everything was ours; how happy we were then, but then once upon a time never comes again.

1927 Hank Ballard was born on November 18, 1927
American singer and song writer, 1927-2003
If you're looking for youth, you're looking for longevity, just take a dose of rock 'n' roll. It keeps you going. Just like the caffeine in your coffee. Rock 'n' roll is good for the soul, for the well being, for the psyche, for your everything. I love it. I can't even picture being without rock 'n' roll.

1939 Margaret Atwood was born on November 18, 1939
Canadian writer, b.1939
Another belief of mine; that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.
More quotations from Margaret Atwood

1974 Trevor Thomas was born on November 18, 1974
urban racecar driver, guitar myth, kitchen bitch;
It's always someone else's fault including the times when it's mine,
that also includes orgasms; My work is never done, yet is always dumb.
I don't really like you, but tell me when you think I'm loving you too much;
If you give me a twenty, I'll rock for your party; This next song is dedicated to the pig.
Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
8:46 pm

and cute stuff like dat...
Monday, October 31st, 2005
11:45 am
my blog is worth $0.00! damn straight!

Happy fucking halloween!

Thursday, October 20th, 2005
12:32 pm
at this moment...
I really could give a shit.
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
11:58 pm
kind of an insane day today. highly detailed, I know.
Monday, October 17th, 2005
2:34 pm
You Are 10% Weird

You're totally, completely normal.
And that's pretty darn weird!
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
9:47 pm
and sure enough...
our house is hanuted.
Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
7:51 pm
Millers herons Horny bee
My math class is now unofficially a mock up of Summer School
the movie with the 60 year old Mark Harmon teacher.
I associate him with scotch and having the ability to
play off the comment that "my dog's name is blueberry yogurt."
I told him that lavender is an alternative halloween color,
(along with lime green), "you mean like yogurt that I didn't
eat all of and it's too late..."

last night was the first night I think I had a good time
at what used to be called Twisters in a long time.
oh, and we played real well and got high fives from
strangers. today I am euphorically sore. work was
a piece of cake and I was wonderfully delirious.
I saw a sign on a school marquee that read "cherrytree
fundraiser", but I could of sworn it said FUNERALIZER.
I also saw a sign that was huge for a restaurant called
pasta house, but again thought it said FRIED CHEESE.
that last one will only probably be funny to me, but
seeing as how I can't remember what I thought it said....

Current Mood: pleased
Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
9:23 pm

LJ Interests meme results

  1. charles burns:
    he is fucked. in the head. and he can draw these fucked associations. very well.
    he also ties a story into this notion. fucked and genius= dangerous. I like.
  2. dionysis:
    Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and intoxication, was the sixth ruler of the ancient world. He came behind Chaos, Mother Rhea, Ouranos, Kronos,and the fifth was Zeus, his father. Dionysus was one of two children that Zeus had with mortal women, the other being Herakles. By today's standards, Dionysus is probably the most controversial of the gods. He was also subject of a Rush anthem for sure. no dowt.
  3. furniture:
  4. her:
    see #3.
  5. melt-banana:
    I was reading an article by someone who relayed an amazing amount
    of fact and history about the country Japan. It was a lead in their reveal
    on the idea of melt-banana being god. I have a rich history with this band
    and these wonderful people. They epitomize creating something that
    is larger than yourself and cannot be seen in this light from the inside.
    If you got me talking about them for awhile I might start my
    own sprinkler system factory.
  6. nurses to the rescue:
    when aren't they "to the rescue"?
  7. purposeful embarassment:
    the best form of.
  8. strangers with candy:
    probably one of my favorite television shows of all time.
    the character Jerri Blank is _________ (adj. past tense/akin to fucked).
  9. the great idiodyssey:
    the masthead of my mission statement.
  10. ulysses s. grant:
    the fictional progenitor of american metal and all things having to do with
    dramatic/(verbal) irony of situation.

    After retiring from the Presidency, Grant became a partner in a financial firm, which went bankrupt. About that time he learned that he had cancer of the throat. He started writing his recollections to pay off his debts and provide for his family, racing against death to produce a memoir that ultimately earned nearly $450,000. Soon after completing the last page, in 1885, he died.

Enter your LJ user name, and 10 interests will be selected from your interest list.

Thursday, September 15th, 2005
9:10 pm
bring on the sweat...
I am hot, and sweaty and nursing a thursday night drunk.
I smell. I just changed guitar strings on a '74 les paul
that was routed before I was born.
I just cleaned and lubed a '77 fender Jazz bass.
My amp is a dyed in the wool 1960's marshall stereo
cabinet (formerly used by Agata of melt-banana),
powered by a sunn beta lead. Last night
I affixed a pedal board in an anvil suitcase
with plutonium warning fuck me red duct tape.
these are the confessions of a guitar junkie.

Tonight Hex Machine had our first rehearsal in
an industrial annex in ginter park, across the street
from where SlavePit Inc. used to be located.
This feels like home for rock. Tomorrow we
play a benefit hosted by WRIR Richmond Indie
Radio Station for the victims of Katrina.
Hopefully whatever money is made will
go to the right place and not to a dozen donuts.

I've had the components for awhile, but tonight
it really felt real. we had the sound. it was huge
and if there were insects nearby, we killed them.
twice. I think it took sixteen years to get here.
I feel like it's been worth it.

Dave the drummer is back in town. He's been
back, but a few days rest upon back is a worthwhile
investment. He'll play when he's ready. he's ready.
Everyone has tetherments and the schedules that go
with. I can deal. Tonight again proved that the flames
fan on. Godheads' was gigantic. The room is cinderblock,
yet very long and we're set up like show style, flanking either
side of the drums. For the most part I had the feeling like
we were playing to thousands. Our 35 minute set is
near without break and it felt good to play it twice.
Some heshers came in for their rehearsal and stood agape.
It's kinda weird cool to get 20+ q's about gear from
dudes who look like they should have this shit down, but...
you know what they say about looks.
They even came in while we were doing Wisteria,
a song in the ballpark of the melvins doing my bloody valentine
or actually eve and sistersound really comes to mind.
I was told our bass rig looked tough. it is bro. thanks.

I dropped melty off at the airport today to go to the wedding
jam in michigan rock city. I will miss her bigtime.
meanwhile, I will live out a rock and roll fantasy weekend.
and I will sleep late the next few days.
Dave is finding out that our would be label dude is a major
ass. Big surprise. he is gonna do a last record with one
of his former bands and get out of his contract. this is
both a bummer and a relief in that the label is big name,
but opens the door to a new start. coattails are fine
to some degree, but I feel this is something else and
not really 111% metal or whatev. I still feel like the talks we
had about recording with some dude in "his basement"
in chicago will still happen, I just have this feeling that people
are interested because we pay tribute and yet don't sound
like anything too obvious. no pigeonholes in sight.
stoked indeed.

melty, if you are out there in Ted Nugent land...hearts galore
and wish me luck, I'm going out with the boys.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
8:30 pm
I just wanted to say that my mom is insane. I still love her though, sigh.
Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
7:42 pm
feel the glove pt II
Fuck five songs, my song for the not so ironic right now
is at the top of the covers list.

Manowar • Gloves of Metal*

Hear the pounding army of the night
The call of metal summons us tonight
And gather we on this site
To behold the power and the might
We wear leather, we wear spikes, we rule the night
Off with the lights, hear the screams
See the banging heads awaken to their dreams.
The sound of metal so loud it cracks the beams
Played by warriors called the Metal Kings.
A hero's welcome for those who heed the call.
We are together, we are all.
With hands high fists fill the air
Against the world we stand.
Hands high forever we'll be there,
Gloves of Metal rule tonight. Yea
A hero's welcome for those who heed the call.
We are together, we are all.
With hands high fists fill the air
Against the world we stand.
Hands high forever we'll be there,
Gloves of Metal rule tonight. Yea
Leather, Metal, Spikes and Chains
Gloves of Metal raised to show the brave.
Into the darkness march the armies of the night.
Bound by metal we live the fight.
We wear leather, we wear spikes, we rule the night
With hands high fists fill the air
Against the world we stand.
Hands high forever we'll be there,
Gloves of Metal rule tonight. Yea!!!!
7:25 pm
feel the glove
Well it's no joke and it's no rumor, hell who gives a Ratt and roll about
that stuff anyways. Hex Machine has more than a few new tricks
in its arsenal as of very recently.
In a not so mum's the word manner, dave, mr. Seahorse,
myself and new 2nd guitarist Scudgins,
stood outside the Raygun after the Breather Resist
show last night and rapped about our new practice space,
equipment issues and
another show on September the 12th in town with my other
favorite Richmond band the Bunny Rabbits.
The best part is well...hard to put into the words, but for sure
if we weren't out of the sandbox then, we sure as hell are now.
There's no time to fuck around and play date, now it's bidness.
The hunt for the demo session has made the rounds and even
though we have some really cool 4 track stuff, I don't want to
screw this one. When it comes to wizards,
unfortunately Mark Smoot I fear is sidelined with a real job. FFF!
John Morand is $600 a day, not including drill samples (ha!)
and Scott Minor who is now
engineering at a studio 5 hours away in Asheville, NC...is well,
5 hours away. We'll figga it out. The dudes are of course, stoked.
Monday, August 29th, 2005
8:52 am
And what's in a title? surre enough, it's the 3 hour drives that
turn your head into swimming pools of ideas and hopes and
dreams and "boy oh boy am I sure thirsty do you have any more
of this stuff?"

Settle down buddy. And speaking of, Kt and Joe got married.
They had a nice party celebrating their business partnership.
Baby business? walpapermaché? probably.
why not, they're a good looking couple and even though
the food wasn't the best chinese
food we ever ate, it's still chinese food at your wedding!
!warning! Someone's thinking here! people liked my shirt. yay.
thorough descriptions rule!

school started. we were both into it like going back into the
2nd half of a basketball game where you're a benchwarmer
at a tournament that has no immediate ending in sight.
Last night we did our homework together. that is, I haven't
gotten my "Mathematical Ideas" book yet and
she did most of my homework as i dictated while guessingly
verifying. we were near dead tired, but you know that's one
of those quiet killer hots' that doesn't jump right out at you
until the next day. I will be learned more about numbers
and jam if it's the next thing I do on Monday and Wednesday nights!

Hex Machine played our first show since Dave's been out on tour
telling all the people. It's great. he's the best pr a band could
have that doesn't drool on you. as soon as he got back from
municipally wasting the U.s., he set up a show for us and a band
from Canada I really liked called The Endless Blockade.
I can't remember the last time I truly played in a basement that wasn't
connected to some boho Nyc art collective. Ok, so that's what comes
to mind, but really. Not a party, just bands playing in the basement
on the boulevard! weird, but really cool. and well attended for a
monday night. Shit there were like 50 people there at least and
I only recognized like 10 of them. EJ was there! with his Mgr. Brad.
He just shook his head up and down and smiled and threatened
to set up his kit in the basement of his house.
I forgot to tell him about 2112 aggravated elders tour.
Richmond is a changed man in terms of this scene jam so I guess it's
as good a time as any to trapse out of the dressing room and get freaky.
I know this when I get asked twice, "where are you from?"
"The great western open. or Canada. take your pick."
We reahearsed for a half an hour in a kid's bedroom in the suburbs
for the first time in 5 months and it's not that it's that strange, but
the bike still rides! We were tight. The kid wasn't there, but
his parents we into it so, yeah our generation of parents rule!
People gave us the total silent applause after godheads 7 minute epic.
I forgot how powerful a scientific applause barometer Richmond can be.
To me that's like 5 stars or something.
Well we got another kind of applause because
someone seems to have offered their axemurdering services
and I think there is a spot for "sweet evil" right next to Mr. Seahorse...
This excited me on the way home while listening to Manowar's
Into Glory Ride which has cover potential. As soon as I had listened
to the first track 2 or 3 times, a minivan gallops by me with this
white metal logo on the tinted rear glass and the license plate
read: cave mtl. truly a scenic view.

*please add more steam for more story, I'm waiting for the phone to ring...
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