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And what's in a title? surre enough, it's the 3 hour drives that
turn your head into swimming pools of ideas and hopes and
dreams and "boy oh boy am I sure thirsty do you have any more
of this stuff?"

Settle down buddy. And speaking of, Kt and Joe got married.
They had a nice party celebrating their business partnership.
Baby business? walpapermaché? probably.
why not, they're a good looking couple and even though
the food wasn't the best chinese
food we ever ate, it's still chinese food at your wedding!
!warning! Someone's thinking here! people liked my shirt. yay.
thorough descriptions rule!

school started. we were both into it like going back into the
2nd half of a basketball game where you're a benchwarmer
at a tournament that has no immediate ending in sight.
Last night we did our homework together. that is, I haven't
gotten my "Mathematical Ideas" book yet and
she did most of my homework as i dictated while guessingly
verifying. we were near dead tired, but you know that's one
of those quiet killer hots' that doesn't jump right out at you
until the next day. I will be learned more about numbers
and jam if it's the next thing I do on Monday and Wednesday nights!

Hex Machine played our first show since Dave's been out on tour
telling all the people. It's great. he's the best pr a band could
have that doesn't drool on you. as soon as he got back from
municipally wasting the U.s., he set up a show for us and a band
from Canada I really liked called The Endless Blockade.
I can't remember the last time I truly played in a basement that wasn't
connected to some boho Nyc art collective. Ok, so that's what comes
to mind, but really. Not a party, just bands playing in the basement
on the boulevard! weird, but really cool. and well attended for a
monday night. Shit there were like 50 people there at least and
I only recognized like 10 of them. EJ was there! with his Mgr. Brad.
He just shook his head up and down and smiled and threatened
to set up his kit in the basement of his house.
I forgot to tell him about 2112 aggravated elders tour.
Richmond is a changed man in terms of this scene jam so I guess it's
as good a time as any to trapse out of the dressing room and get freaky.
I know this when I get asked twice, "where are you from?"
"The great western open. or Canada. take your pick."
We reahearsed for a half an hour in a kid's bedroom in the suburbs
for the first time in 5 months and it's not that it's that strange, but
the bike still rides! We were tight. The kid wasn't there, but
his parents we into it so, yeah our generation of parents rule!
People gave us the total silent applause after godheads 7 minute epic.
I forgot how powerful a scientific applause barometer Richmond can be.
To me that's like 5 stars or something.
Well we got another kind of applause because
someone seems to have offered their axemurdering services
and I think there is a spot for "sweet evil" right next to Mr. Seahorse...
This excited me on the way home while listening to Manowar's
Into Glory Ride which has cover potential. As soon as I had listened
to the first track 2 or 3 times, a minivan gallops by me with this
white metal logo on the tinted rear glass and the license plate
read: cave mtl. truly a scenic view.

*please add more steam for more story, I'm waiting for the phone to ring...
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