phantom_owl (phantom_owl) wrote,

feel the glove

Well it's no joke and it's no rumor, hell who gives a Ratt and roll about
that stuff anyways. Hex Machine has more than a few new tricks
in its arsenal as of very recently.
In a not so mum's the word manner, dave, mr. Seahorse,
myself and new 2nd guitarist Scudgins,
stood outside the Raygun after the Breather Resist
show last night and rapped about our new practice space,
equipment issues and
another show on September the 12th in town with my other
favorite Richmond band the Bunny Rabbits.
The best part is well...hard to put into the words, but for sure
if we weren't out of the sandbox then, we sure as hell are now.
There's no time to fuck around and play date, now it's bidness.
The hunt for the demo session has made the rounds and even
though we have some really cool 4 track stuff, I don't want to
screw this one. When it comes to wizards,
unfortunately Mark Smoot I fear is sidelined with a real job. FFF!
John Morand is $600 a day, not including drill samples (ha!)
and Scott Minor who is now
engineering at a studio 5 hours away in Asheville, well,
5 hours away. We'll figga it out. The dudes are of course, stoked.
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