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Millers herons Horny bee

My math class is now unofficially a mock up of Summer School
the movie with the 60 year old Mark Harmon teacher.
I associate him with scotch and having the ability to
play off the comment that "my dog's name is blueberry yogurt."
I told him that lavender is an alternative halloween color,
(along with lime green), "you mean like yogurt that I didn't
eat all of and it's too late..."

last night was the first night I think I had a good time
at what used to be called Twisters in a long time.
oh, and we played real well and got high fives from
strangers. today I am euphorically sore. work was
a piece of cake and I was wonderfully delirious.
I saw a sign on a school marquee that read "cherrytree
fundraiser", but I could of sworn it said FUNERALIZER.
I also saw a sign that was huge for a restaurant called
pasta house, but again thought it said FRIED CHEESE.
that last one will only probably be funny to me, but
seeing as how I can't remember what I thought it said....
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