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phantom_owl's Journal
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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
8:41 am
today's modern tool box is not complete without...

A moogerfooger. A wishlist item. And there is also a phaser!!!
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
10:31 pm

I just ate so much thai food I'm tripping. actually, I think I just wanted to have this, but
you know, the whole barbie thing...whatevr.
Friday, July 29th, 2005
5:26 pm
some lady today told me I look like this guy...


> then she said I look like this guy

> which is weird because people usually say I remind them of this guy
...although I think I look more like this guy


and how's your friday going?

Current Mood: nerdy
Thursday, July 21st, 2005
10:56 am
Dear the lord,
I have it grand. That is all. thank you and accept my laughter as prayer.
Sunday, July 10th, 2005
9:38 am

it's nice to see we can still write notes to each other like old friends.

"Well I had to go and alter the Christmas tree after you wrote. Now
there's an oven in a wizard-cave somewhere, and it's sizzling with the
scorching nightmares of a thousand burning hot Christmas tree
murder-frenzies. My new band is called Christopher Upside-Down
Cross. Right now I'll fire a laser up and divide the seven galaxies- my
whores will find it quite 'opus'. We'll have to go shoot a stupid fucking
racoon sometime. -D

Land Of Thin Dimes...

4 person kill-team based in Oakland, Ca.
Participants also associated with:
Sound: Metal? Sure... of varying decibels.
Math? Maybe a little... but only by default.

Sheets of sound deliberately collide, creating sonics of undocumented
ugliness and unobvious
beauty... fractures of breaking glass, rebounding off of thick walls made
of dense red rubber.
Brittle as sub-zero... urgent; always working as if under a time limit...
sudden death.

Cover your arm in bacon grease...
Snatch the bone from a hungry dog; a laughing hyena.
Land of Thin Dimes is that beast... a desperate laughing hyena with
dozens of razor-sharp piranha teeth.
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
7:47 pm
gallons...flow through the strip
...or soon into the tank rather. and isn't it what it's all about, doing things
you've never done before? like getting squirted in the eeyor with diesel
en route to getting hot water!?
yeah! that's what I'm talking about. the hot plate's hot and I've officially named
this little strip of ivy that's gotten momentarily attatched, "a pussy". everyone
and everything else please get comfortable and have a seat, "we would
like to have a coke, all of us."
now that everythings got a new address, for the most part I can take full advantage of
these surroundings by building that indoor waterpark! It's finally heated! f-yeah!
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
7:36 pm
lip flap delay
I looked too, but before that...when I was in high school,
Jarvis, no not the Pulp dude that melty danced with,
but Mike and I and this guy denzig (!)
did some out there trio stuff in dudes garage.
One thing that has become indispensible to me that Jarvis
had at the time was a Deluxe Memory Man. Unforgettable.
The things just got this tone. And it wiggles and yeah,
you know me. I bought one in '98 and it rules...

I think some time before that I bought a PS-3 Pitch Shifter/delay
that gets these really cool loop things going. It makes
stuff get fucked really quickly like turning a cupcake
into a roll of spilt nickels or something! I love that shit.
It's also got a few stages of single and dual pitch shifting
which are both cool. >>>quick aside on the subject <<< so my
foray into PShifts went to the purchase of the super shifter
which not only has this queer color to it, it does this flutter
effect where if you hold down the pedal, it will studdd-dd-x-x-d-d-d-ddrer
like an 8mm film burning up. it's weird and it's the first
"intelligent pedal" where it does bends automatically that you
preset with the knobs. It's all over Bowie's Reality record which
I really like as well. I sold it before I came back from
LA, sadly, but the guy I sold it to told me about Stereophones (the instrument)...
another time. So I bought the newer whammy and let me tell you,
this guy ain't dumb. The coolest feature is that is will sweep
up and down one full step like it's swaying. I take advantage of
that like nobody's business when it's least expected. my other
sound i'm really into now is the down a 4th setting. heavy!!! <<<
Last year I found this DSD-2 digital sampler/delay that
has the ability to record a few seconds and then play that back
and edit it. I basically just use the delay/tap, quick echoing
feature. If you check out the top track on the hex machine
myspace page, before that "left field lead" business begins,
theres this little crunching trainwreck that happens and that's
that delay. It's an old boss thing that I'd never seen before and
haven't since elsewhere. My other which you've seen is
that korg unit that just is rediculous. It's got so much mania,
I try to stay away from it unless keyboards are involved,
but that thing too has this "pressure" pedal that works on
just that...how hard you step down. I haven't looked on the page
in awhile, but even parallel to his music, you should check out
Nels Cline's website which is www.nelscline.com
he's got personal reviews of some out there stuff and he's just an
amazing guitar player. He makes me feel like SY owe him big time!
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
7:33 pm
man I had this drink today and it's just like golden energy one time.

Current Mood: shellac
8:32 am

I saw a mouse rip it up onstage for awhile last night.
someone lifted a log and some people fell out into the club.
The audience was in need of biscuit repairs and for that
there was the drummer who is in the band Medications (guitar).
The cd cover, front and back, is somewhat drenched in
ironyyryr...it's pretty funny. I think this hex frequency
is going around. Little skulls and bonefuls are still in
style too. this girl mary, musically is trapped in
time where if it were the guitar smashing who/jeff beck era,
she would be a superstar. Tulsa's Drone gets better and
more out there each time. There was some birthday party
action going on as well. I drank some cake with some
dudes after the set. Onstage I saw someones belt glitter shimmer
and then I got the feeling that was what held it all together.
awk rawk for sures.
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
8:21 am
virus.:Carheart [Jester]

Virus marks the end of one of the most incisive and cult-object bands that helped create the whole “post”-black metal movement, but still maintaining strong connections to the genre. This new beginning from Ved Buens Ende main-man Carl-Michael Eide (also known as Czral) shares obvious similarities with his earlier incursions/impressions in the area, but it goes deep into the path that VBE only hinted at, in their limbo between experimentalism and “regular” metal mannerisms. Hence, and to get that out of the way pronto, the whole metal epithet just does not fit the categorization of Virus’ music. Sure, it owes a great deal to both VBE and Voïvod, but the essence of the songs is solidly implanted in rock, being that the elements withdrawn for both mentioned bands are the same elements that set those bands apart from the genre in which they were, at one time or another, pigeonholed.

* the vocals are actually rather laughable, actually theres some speak and spell bits that are cool,
but this is one of those bands where you can pretty much ignore
that shit and the other action pretty much keeps interest intact.
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
6:46 pm
who knew that wheat thins could be chewy? well they will
over time and quite frankly I think they should sell that
shit at a discounted rate! $10 a pile!

Current Mood: disposable weathercock
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
7:37 am
"Now remember people...we've got a deal...
what happens in Detroit, stays in Detroit!
alright, now let's fuck shit up."

Current Mood: dazed and amused
Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
9:12 am
I don't know why we needed tickets anyways
well now that the rain has continued and the trash
has been collected, I can now go to work per se.

Someone please make a film based on my shortstory
"The world according to dj/mc Sugarpills!"
I haven't written it yet, but something tells
me it's gonna be amazing.
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
10:21 pm
I'm just gonna hold whatever sensation that it actually is, in, until
it gets its sensation license which will take who the fuck knows how long
and for what it's worth, dot dot dot.

Current Mood: dizz y ing
Saturday, May 28th, 2005
9:33 am
pulp dreaming...
Lots of music composition going on. Lots of ideas in general,
but it was fun to wake up feeling like I had been doing cool
stuff in my dream. I think I recall things picking up when
I am a part of this band that is playing some kind of deal,
but I'm not sure what instrument I'm playing. Oh and by the
way Kim Gordon is in the band. I don't know the other people,
but they don't suck. I don't have any of my own equipment
and we actually never rehearsed nor met before. So it
ends up that I'm playing guitar and what starts out as being
like on a small stage in a field, at some point turns into a
hotel room. Before we start playing outdoors, which I never seem
to visualize the stage, a guy is asking me about space and
for some reason there is a friendly tackle involved where I
believe I reveal that I once lived in SF and apparently that's
where we are. When I realize we are playing music, Kim is
singing with a lot of conviction, there are some spaces in
her teeth she is still pretty and of course rocking. My guitar
experience is curious and I think I just find myself playing this
bended note rhythm for a few measures when theres a knock on
the door and its nitronic and another friend of ours. This is where
it may actually be my old apartment on Franklin/Cahuenga in HW.
There is some haze to it, but it tells me things that
are too much like trying to describe the meanings
of things dear to you in boxes of old trinkets.
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
10:32 am
via subtlelltie
and sure enough I had an idea. ...castings for may 19-25th
8:36 am
dude, just hanging out drinking coffee here
with Mum Ra and playing momentary hooky never felt so right.
I have been made into a believer and I also
get a little kick out of being referred to as "the phantom."
That might actually be better than being referred
to as "Fanta male" by the original chesssssss master.

Current Mood: digital irrepressor
7:34 am
this coffee...has a whoele lot of flavor, I"m just warning ewes.
Yesterday, and its surprising that I useda capital there,
was just jam packed with action, cash and stuff! Did I mention
a concentration pill and aclohol? No I didn't. Seriously,
a whole lot of flavor, the flashback is really causing some
rapturing looks of dare I say windswepidness. I think I just
made up a new word. more laters. I mean, of course I did.
Going to work is for FAG's.

Current Mood: flavor charged
Friday, May 20th, 2005
10:19 pm
my journal reveals to me, especially the dates
and the sequence of "events" that I am
potentially a supersized idiot retard from
(the planet) who knows where and that I need to be
institutionalized and fed by the state (of Hawaii).
I am about to watch Team America
which hopefully will do something for
this weird moood I have found myself in
due to overstimulus that I shall regale it to being.
Chi Chi Rodriguez kill me now and yet let me live,
we'll work out a payment plan.
10:15 pm
is it possible...
to read something so funny
that it ruins your sense of humor?

Current Mood: malleable
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